Jeremy Selier

  1. Moving Train

    I took this one by accident. I didn't really planed that a train would pass at this time and that I will get a nice effect with the shutter speed. I like the result.

    Note that this is quite a miracle that the full picture is not blurry as I'm not known for being stable when taking pictures :) Usually, all my pictures with a shutter speed below 1/100 are not crisp. I got lucky on this one!

  2. Escalator

    Taken at the Dubai Airport with my iPhone and edited on VSCOCam. No desktop involved. I live in the future!

  3. The Little Tree

    I crossed the path of this little tree when we were walking on a trail on Kangaroo Island. Can't find the name, so, if anyone knows, let me know!

  4. New lens!

    I just bought a new lens (EF 24-70 f/2.8L II) and was able to try it at the Galerie Lafayette in Paris. I'm very happy with the result, nearly zero post-processing was needed on this one.

    I love the princess balloon at the very high of the roof!

    The Roof & The Princess


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