Jeremy Selier

1 year at Google

Today marks my 1 year Google anniversary! Time really flies when you work in an amazing company on an amazing project.

Since I joined 1 year ago, the Paris office has moved from Opera where our canteen had one of the best view of the Opera Garnier to Rue de Londres, a brand new (restored) building with all the Googley requirements such as a massage room, a 2CV meeting room, an open 24/7 fitness center, a ping-pong table, a great canteen, an auditorium and more.

Also since I joined, the Cultural Institute has released the new platform that will help promote and democratize Culture online in a scalable way. I’ve been lucky to work on this website showing more than 6 millions items and more than 70 exhibits but also on tools to enable non-technical people to create those exhibits and upload those items. I’m now leading a small team in charge of the frontend and we’re working hard to bring more Culture to the web!

Now that I’m not a Noogler anymore (I’m lying, I’m still one), I started a parallel goal I have for a long time. Talking and spreading the little I know. I recently met with people from the French writing press to explain what we (developers) do in Paris and I plan to talk to more events in the future.

It’s really incredible to work in a company that empower its employees to have such an impact. I feel very lucky and I can’t wait to see what this new year will bring me!

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