Jeremy Selier

Jolicloud and HTML5 and... me

I’ve wanted to talk about all the stuff I’m doing at Jolicloud since a few months now but never take the time to. We’re doing amazing things at Jolicloud, we’re pushing the limits of HTML5[1] — Open Web technologies, in Chromium (I mean, literally, if you could see the nightmare our Chromium builds are living most of the time). This is really exciting to be at this very moment in Web development history.

HTML5 Logo

Two days ago, the W3C created a logo for HTML5 and we are currently featured on their gallery which is really nice. We decided to take a breathe during our insanely fast release schedule to post a quick note on what really is our relation with HTML5. If you didn’t see it yet, I suggest you take a look at it!

As I’m sure tech-savvy people would love to hear more about our experience with HTML5 technologies, we hope to share more with everyone in the near future. And if you see me at an event, feel free to ask me anything and I’ll do my best to answer you!

In other news, the Jolicloud chrome app is doing great and I’ve recently contributed to a much needed website:

And it's not too late to wish everyone an amazing new year. I hope 2011 will be awesome!

[1] HTML is the new HTML5.

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