Jeremy Selier

What's new in Chromium?

As I just came back from vacation. I opened my Google Reader to check the latest Chromium commits. With more than 750 commits for the last week, I decided to make this little post to list all the interesting (in my opinion) stuff regarding Chromium instead of tweeting/buzzing each feature as I usually do when I discover them.

I will not do this on a daily basis. Peter Beverloo is already doing this amazing work for Chromium/WebKit on his blog.

So what's new?

  • Apps will open in normal tabs by default but if the user pin the tab, it'll be remembered.
  • The speech input attribute is enabled for all platforms and you should use x-webkit-speech instead of speech to use it now.
  • About labs (about:labs) is enable on all channels.
  • Background Web Apps is a new lab. It allows installed web apps to run in the background at system startup and continue running after all windows are closed.
  • The extension management API (more info here) is no longer experimental. It's an interesting API.
  • AutoStart for Linux and Windows as landed, this allow to start Chromium without any windows.
  • More work has been done on the Google Talk Chat Manager app.
  • Chromium hits the 8.x version.
  • Web Apps have unlimited quota on the FileSystem API (more info here) if they requested it with the "unlimited_storage" permission.
  • Chrome OS will have a mobile activation UI.

And that's all!

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